OUT & ABOUT location agency offers only the best meeting and event locations in Amsterdam, suited for both informal and formal occasions.
With the best hosts in town, delicious food and good facilities, we will arrange everything you need.

We have only a couple of short questions for you. Please share all you requirements with us and we will find the best suitable location for you!
What is your name? *

What is your email address and mobile number? *

For which date(s)? *

How big is the group you are hosting? *

How long will your gathering take? *

Which cater options would you like to have? (more options possible) *

Do you have any specific wishes, such as a moderator, technical support on location, private chef, hotel rooms, restaurant picks, professional speakers and such? And would you like to receive an estimate in Dutch or English?

Thank you for your time, we will get back to you asap. Have a lovely day. Best regards, the team of OUT & ABOUT location agency

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